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SFC Fluidics Receives $1.5 Million Grant

SFC Fluidics Website

Fayetteville's SFC Fluidics recently announced that it received a $1.5 million National Institutes of Health federal grant to further develop its MD Analyzer diagnostic platform.  This announcement comes on the heels of the company's recently announced $1 million capital raise.


SFC Fluidics is a VIC Technology Venture Development portfolio company with a mission to advance health care and improve overall quality of life.  The medical device and diagnosis company has a range of diagnostic product lines that include point-of-care diagnostics, analytical instrumentation and drug delivery.  SFC Fluidic’s website explains that the NIH Phase II research grant will fund advanced development of the MD Analyzer platform.


The platform provides timely and clinically-effective monitoring of patients suffering from severe traumatic brain injury.  Through the use of the platform, doctors can monitor the condition of patients more closely to customize the treatment and respond to changes in the patient’s condition.

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