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TiFiberâ„¢ Obtains Exclusive License for New Antimicrobial Technology

Congratulations to our client, TiFiber, Inc. for obtaining an exclusive license from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.  This exclusive license will be key for the company to further develop technology consisting of a family of synthetic, antimicrobial polymers ("AMPs") with potent, broad-spectrum activity towards both bacteria and fungi.  TiFiber is working with Bradford Soap Works out of Rhode Island to tranform and translate TiFiber's AMP technology into usable soap products. 

After growing scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration for anti-bacterial soaps and products that contain triclosan and triclocarban, TiFiber's AMP technology presents a reliable alternative for consumers in the event the Food and Drug Administration should rule that such products should not be in the marketplace.  AMP compounds provide an especially beneficial option for soaps and similar products because while they have strong antimicrobial characteristics, they are also safe for human cells.  AMP compounds can quickly kill bacteria and contain no halogens or metals, and because the technology kills both physically and metabolically, there is a very low probability of microorganisms forming resistance. 

For more information about TiFiber and it's AMP technology, click here.

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