Business Transactions

Business Transactions 

We routinely advise clients on various business transactions encompassing the entire evolution and life of a company, with issues ranging from choice of entity for organizational purposes, to the sale, merger or dissolution of the entity, all of which include careful analysis and consideration of antitrust laws, corporate governance, executive compensation, information technology, corporate, partnership and individual income tax, securities and regulatory related matters.

We have represented companies in mergers and acquisitions, both on the buyer’s side and the seller’s side, as well as a myriad of other joint ventures and strategic alliances.  Since we routinely represent lenders and creditors, in representing business entities we have a strong knowledge base for advising companies with respect to how the “other side” views and approaches a transaction.  We also have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting and closing asset-based transactions, stock-based transactions, and agreements regarding mergers and other acquisitions, divisions and dissolutions.  On a daily basis we represent companies of all sizes and across diverse industry groups with respect to ordinary course of business matters including general contractual and agreement matters, covenants not to compete, employment and consulting agreements, stock incentive and option plans, contracts and other instruments and documents and counsel corporate boards of directors, officers and shareholders regarding governance matters.

Our core competencies in the area of Business Transactions include:

  • Corporate and Business Governance and advising Board of Directors and  Management
  • Business Formation and Choice of Entity
  • Contracts and Agreements Engaged in Ordinary Course of Business
  • Protection, Preservation and Enforcement of Trade Secrets, Confidential and  Proprietary Information and other Employee Mobility Matters
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender Offers and related Taxation Matters
  • Business Taxation
  • Medical, Dental and other Professional Entity Law
  • Commercial Financing Law

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