Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

We are keenly aware of and appreciate our clientele’s need to compensate, reward and protect their employees and other service providers. Our executive compensation lawyers are able to develop innovative plans to meet our client’s needs. We represent a diverse array of companies in executive compensation matters, and as a result of the experience with such variety of companies and industries our executive compensation attorneys are equipped to analyze how to best address our client’s needs.


Our executive compensation attorneys have extensive experience in and routinely counsel our company clients with respect to all aspects of executive compensation law including compensation arrangements, equity-based incentive plans, employment and severance agreements and deferred compensation. We regularly design and draft equity and other compensation plans that play a significant role in driving the growth of start-up and emerging companies.

The Smith Hurst executive compensation attorneys work with our mergers and acquisition attorneys to address human resource and liability issues that often arise in business transactions. Our cohesive approach is designed to navigate potential issues in complex situations to pave the way for a successful transaction.

Additionally, the Smith Hurst employee compensation law team is experienced in all tax, securities and regulatory considerations, specifically including, Section 83 and 409A compliance and tax aspects of implementing such plans.  We also work with executives to negotiate, counsel and provide advice with respect to their employment and severance agreements.  Our approach is founded on the importance of providing our services with technical acumen, in a timely manner and with creativity, practical application and genuine interest for those involved.

Our team shares an attitude of excellence while
helping our clients achieve their business and personal goals.